2. Worry gives small things a big shadow.
    — Swedish Proverb.  (via ceedling)

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  3. A little more faith a little less worry

    **currently failing in that department


  4. Do you ever have those moments where you feel like your drowning in everything the world throws at you? And you just want to get away for a little while, find a spot on the beach or in a park, watch a sunset, or a thunderstorm, hear a childs laugh, listen to the birds chirp, play a song on a guitar, relax and breathe, and just be away from all the drama, problems, tragedies, fears, worries, stress. I’m starting to feel like I need that right now. 

    I need Him. And I think that if I were able to shut off all this other noise in my heart and my head for just a little while I’d find that He’s still here, He’s still everywhere. 




  7. and why don’t we all just admit it already.

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  8. People need Jesus today.. so many around us are empty, lonely, afraid, hurting, bound up in shackles of one kind or another and guilty. They keep looking in vain down different worldly avenues trying to address their needs ..that God of course can so easily meet. Let’s just know this about people.

    God sets the lonely in families; He leads out the prisoners with singing.” 

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  10. it’s amazing how God sends those little signs when you’re in doubt…thank you